Über das Testen


How nice that you took the time to get to know us! We are Safae (Umm sarah) und Karim (Abu sarah) and together we have been the force behind Islamic clothing since 2007.nl and the brand Ummsarah Wear (UsW Modest Fashion).

In the year 2007, an idea started to become reality. That year we took a step to give modest clothing (Islamic clothing) a place in the world of fashion in a fun, fashionable way. Because why shouldn't modest clothing also be beautiful and chic?

Together we want to positively change the view on covering clothing. Muslim women do not walk in “tents”, as is popularly said. Let's move towards covering clothing in modest, fresh colors and move away from cheaper fabrics. Because a Muslim woman deserves this and by changing the aspects of color and fabric choice, the view on this can change.

We want to achieve this by making our offering unique in the first instance. Unique in color and fabric choice. I, Safae, design the Ummsarah Wear collection completely myself. After a design, the choice of fabric follows, after which a sample is made. When choosing fabric, aspects such as color, weight, hardness, weave and translucency play an important role. This requires experience in fabrics and a good imagination of how a fabric falls when it has become a garment. After approval, a design goes into production. A garment undergoes various processes involving professionals with various specialties. Every garment is checked for quality.

The result is initially a garment that you will not find anywhere else. An Ummsarah Wear garment is unique. Each garment is finished with fine modest details, buttons and zippers. Unlike mainstream garments, our dresses have sizes that are tailored to the target group. Our target group are Muslim women in Western Europe with very different origins and therefore also body shapes. Dutch Muslim women are on average taller than Asian Muslim women. We have taken this into account. Our garments are made from medium class fabrics. Fabrics that fit comfortably around the body, are not too heavy, flexible and, among other things, not see-through. But also fabrics with nice, beautiful prints or in nice, modest, fresh colors.

This makes our collection unique from various facets, with the aim that you, as a Muslim woman, can feel proud to wear modest, unique clothing. Shall we together give modest clothing a respected place in the world of fashion?



Ich bin Abu Sarah (Karim) and have been active in the background since 2007. I ensure that the administrative and webshop processes run smoothly. I also ensure that the website works excellently and is user-friendly. I think it is important that you as a customer can easily surf through our webshop and are satisfied with our service.

My dream is to set up a company aimed at everyone who likes modest (covering) Islamic clothing. An online store with a wide range of clothing, accessories and excellent service for the whole family. My focus is mainly on the men's collection. I get pleasure from looking for Islamic clothing aimed at men and boys. Clothing that is of good quality, fine fabrics, but mainly comfortable to wear. Clothes that I would also like to wear.

Umm Sarah:

Ich bin Umm Sarah (Safae) and the force behind the designs of the women's collection. When I was 19, I consciously made the choice to wear the hijab. This created a need for Islamic modest clothing in me. With my background in fashion design, I soon discovered that the supply was very limited in Western Europe. We were dependent on Middle Eastern designs that did not meet the needs of Western Europe. In addition to the designs, the sizes of the clothing from the Middle East did not fit the average person. With my fashion background, I felt the urge to fulfill this need.

At the beginning of 2007 I started designing and sewing specific garments to order. At the end of 2007, this resulted in the establishment of the Islamic clothing webshop.NL The aim was and still is to offer high-quality, unique Islamic clothing for everyone. This soon turned out to be a success. I have learned a lot from my customers over the years when it comes to styles and desirable sizes. With this knowledge, I founded the Ummsarah Wear™ brand in the year 2011. With the brand we have opened our own workshop abroad where sewing is done only for us. We mainly offer Ummsarah Wear™ through our own webshop for Islamic clothing.nl and several points of sale in Europe. Ummsarah Wear is characterized by its own unique designs and a size chart aimed at Muslim women in Western Europe. Ummsarah Wear™ is the first fashion label in the Netherlands aimed at Muslims.

Today we are an established Modest Fashion company with approximately 4 collections per year and clothing for the entire family. My dream is to fully meet the clothing needs of the Muslim. Young and old, ladies and gentlemen and origins. My passion is to stay close to my faith and to have fun dressing. I try to make each collection as diverse as possible so that there is something fun for everyone.

I enjoy preparing and putting together orders and contact with my customers. I do this with a lot of love. I express this love in the way I package orders. Every order, small or large, should arrive as a gift to my dear customers. Only when you as a customer get a smile on your face when you open your order will I have achieved my goal.